Ruben Ollervides

Chinese World Order: National File's Howley Discusses Infiltration Op Being Waged Against USA
From buying 130,000 acre ranches in Texas to inviting our politicians on jubilant junkets to Beijing, Patrick Howley discusses how Marxist money has been seeded into American politics and is morphing the nation and a stable of bipartisan leaders, into mouth pieces of the Chinese Communist Party.
Australia warned to ramp up war defences as US unable to stop China 'We're not prepared!'
Naomi Wolf on Censorship, Vaccine Passports, and the Reversal of 'My Body, My Choice'
"I can't believe that the left, with its long tradition of fighting for free speech" is "just giving [that] up," says feminist author and journalist Naomi Wolf. Wolf, a longtime liberal and former adviser to the political campaigns of both Bill Clinton and Al Gore, breaks down the dangers she sees inherent to vaccine passports and a "scary marriage" of government, big pharma, and Big Tech censorship.